Our Story

In the early 1940's Grandpa Ralph Maynard Johnson took on jobs remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, while His son Dale Maynard Johnson  a sophomore in high school sparked a passion for floors.  Soon starting  Johnsons Carpet & Tile.   Grandpa went on to lay the flooring at Minnesota icons like the Oneida, and Alworth buildings.

This knowledge was passed down through four generations (and counting) of the Maynard family. Today his grandson, Paul Maynard, and great-grandson, Brandon Maynard, carry that same passion for flooring, and a streak of perfectionism.

The Alworth Building as seen on a vintage postcard. >

The Maynard Story

We are a family-owned, 4th generation commercial flooring business. Ralph Maynard Johnson started installing flooring in the 40’s and each generation has passed down the middle name Maynard and with it, a wealth of knowledge in the flooring industry. We specialize in the customization and installation of carpet tile, broadloom carpet, resilient flooring, hardwood and tile.

Formerly Custom Carpet LLC

Formerly known as Custom Carpet LLC, Maynard Flooring Company, is a family-owned business specializing in the installation and maintenance of carpet tile, broadloom carpet, resilient (vinyl) flooring, hardwood floors and tile.  

Our shop is dedicated to helping architects, designers, contractors and business owners find the perfect flooring solution for their project. With over 4 gererations of expertise in the industry - and a robotic tufter for custom rugs - our shop can handle any commercial flooring project, from routine floor repairs to multi-level schemes.