What We Do

Union Strong

Collaborative Process

We are a proud Union Flooring Shop based in Duluth Minnesota. We are trained qualified flooring installers ready to provide service from routine floor repairs to multi-level projects.

Expert Installation

Expert Guidance

Whether you have a specific application or facility needs or seek custom designs, our team will narrow down your flooring options, source and provide samples, to find the perfect fit.

Custom Designs

Flawless Installation

Once we find your match, our team will deliver, install, and maintain your commercial floors to protect your investment for years to come.

Broadloom Carpet and Carpet Tiles

The most versatile commercial flooring option on the market, carpets perform well in a wide range of settings from airports and busy lobbies, to apartment complexes, hotels, or retail spaces such as gyms.

We work with a network of manufacturers to help you find the best soft surface floor for your facility. Our industrial-strength carpet tiles are a modern and low maintenance solution, while our robotic tufter can vectorize and digitize a custom design that incorporates your brand colors or design into your commercial carpet.

Commercial Vinyl and Tile Flooring

Resilient flooring offers unlimited design options for areas that get light to moderate traffic while providing a high-end and natural look.

Made from a mixture of natural and synthetic polymer materials, it is a versatile and cost-effective commercial flooring option for areas of moderate traffic that need frequent cleanings such as hospitals and schools. Available products include sheet flooring, vinyl composition tile (VCT), and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Talk to our team about the best resilient flooring option for your building or project.

Hardwood Commercial Flooring

Commercial hardwood floors are an easy-to-care-for solution that will give your space a classic look and feel. Whether you choose solid hardwood, engineered hardwood or locking hardwood floors, our flooring experts will guide you to the right choice based on your floor’s location, subfloor, and your installation needs. We also provide ongoing maintenance to help your wood floors last for decades to come.